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Better Writing: Write to Inform, Not to Impress

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It’s not about you. People pick up a copy of your business book because they want to solve a problem or answer a question. They think you can help. They don’t care whether you’re a “great writer.” They do care about whether you can help them answer that question or solve that problem. Here are some ways you  »  Read More

Keep ‘em Reading

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Today, it’s harder than ever to keep your reader engaged and reading. Phones buzz. Social media alerts flash. The demands of work insist on being satisfied. If you’re a business author, you must have compelling material. That’s table stakes. It’s not enough to keep readers moving. Here are some things you can  »  Read More

Writing Tips My Clients Love

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One benefit of working as a ghostwriter and author coach is that I get to spend time with intelligent people who have deep knowledge of their subject. Of course, they’re all different. They vary in age, professional background, and writing experience. Some have toddlers at home while others have grown children. Some  »  Read More

The Three-Legged Stool of Great Business Books

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Great business books offer information, insight, and inspiration. They show readers how to do things differently and more effectively. Great business books are well written. They use simple language and sentence structures to get the meaning across. They use illustrations, exercises, and structure to make things better for  »  Read More

Different Kinds of Editing and Different Kinds of Editors

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Here’s part of George’s email: “I’m confused. I’m done writing my book and I know I need a professional editor. But what kind? What’s the difference between a developmental editor, a content editor, a copy editor, and a proofreader? Help!” When I was cutting my teeth as a young  »  Read More

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