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The Memorable Story of Ulysses Grant’s Memoirs

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Ulysses Grant’s personal memoirs are a classic. Historian Ron Chernow described them as “The foremost military memoir in the English language.” I read the memoirs several years ago and I’ve dipped into them from time to time since. But it was only recently that I learned the story of how they came to be  »  Read More

Learning to Write the Ben Franklin Way

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When Ben Franklin wanted to learn to write well, there weren’t a lot of options. There weren’t any writing courses and even if there were, Ben was working long hours as an apprentice printer. So he did the logical thing. Franklin identified excellent writers and analyzed what they did. He chose the writing of  »  Read More

How to Learn to Write Well

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Last week I received an email from someone who wanted to write for a living and was considering enrolling in a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program. She asked if I had any suggestions about where she should go. I ducked that question because I don’t know about individual MFA programs. But I do know something about  »  Read More