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The staying power of a great product

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I love “The Shawshank Redemption,” and so do a lot of other people. It’s number one on IMDB’s list of the top 250 films. But as much as I love that movie, the studios and the actors love it even more. The product that keeps on giving Shawshank is still paying residuals to the performers, after more  »  Read More

What’s a niche?

  |   Writing A Book

I own a Volvo. When it’s time for service, where will I take my car? I can take it to any number of service shops. Some are generalists. Others specialize in “foreign” cars. And a few specialize in Volvos. If I can, I want to take the car to a Volvo expert. That Volvo expert has a niche. The expert knows  »  Read More

Your book is a blasting cap

  |   Writing A Book

Dynamite can create a huge explosion, but it’s hard to ignite dynamite all by itself. So you use a device called a blasting cap. It’s a small explosive that sets off a big explosion by igniting something like dynamite. Your knowledge is like dynamite Your knowledge is powerful stuff, but it’s like  »  Read More

Thinking about product development as you write your book

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A good time to think about the information products that will secure your future is while you’re writing your book. You can do that effectively if you ask product development questions every time you review your work. Ask product development questions whenever you review. Ask your product development questions after  »  Read More

3 Kinds of Information Products

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It takes work to create the content for an information product. Your objective is to get the maximum payoff possible from your development effort. You can do that if you put the same basic content in different products. Here are three kinds of products, based on the way they’re delivered. Digital Products Digital  »  Read More

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