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Writing a book: Slave to the plan

  |   Writing A Book

It looks so neat at the beginning. You create simple plan to get your book done. Maybe you get a little fancier and use a Gantt chart. Everything is laid out, allowing plenty of time for each chapter and revisions. It looks great and you think you have a plan. But what you really have is a fantasy. The reason is simple  »  Read More

Words to Watch Out For

  |   Writing A Book

You’ve decided to write a book. That’s great. You know what you want to write about. That’s great, too. Now all you have to do is write it. That’s where the project ends for a lot of people. Here are three deadly phrases that will kill your book project slowly. Use them at your  »  Read More

3 Ways Outlines don’t Work

  |   Better Writing

Outlines are the default tool for book planning. After all we all learned to outline in elementary school. High school and college teachers had us submit outlines for review before we wrote papers for them. Besides all that tradition, outlining is the only tool most of us have for planning writing of any kind. Don’t  »  Read More