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Marketing Copy: Identifying the Benefits

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People buy products and services to make progress of some kind. The progress is the benefit. Your copy will be more persuasive and more powerful if you write benefit-rich copy.  In order to do that, you must be able to figure out what the benefits are. Questions to Ask about Your Product or Service The original version of  »  Read More

Web Sites: 2 things visitors want from you

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When visitors come to your site, especially for the first time, they don’t care about many of the things that you care about. They don’t care about your long, distinguished history or fascinating life story. They may care about those things later, but not at first. First, they want to know what you can do for  »  Read More

What You Will Find Here

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Do you want a book with your name on it that will boost your career? Would you like to write better business blog posts? Do you want to be sure that the copy on your web site is doing everything possible to contribute to business success? If you’re a businessperson who answered “yes” to any one of those  »  Read More