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Happy Birthday Wall Street Journal

  |   Better Writing

The first edition of the Wall Street Journal was published July 8, 1889 In many ways, the paper was an expanded version of the “Customers’ Afternoon Letters” that Charles Dow had been publishing since 1884. Check out the interactive version of that first issue, and you’ll see that an awful lot looks  »  Read More

Blogging: Pick a topic and an audience

  |   Better Blogging

What should you blog about? The standard advice is to “blog about something you love.” That can be good advice but not all by itself. Great business blogs build on more than just a love of topic. Pick a business topic you love and can be expert on. I love lots of things that I love but shouldn’t blog  »  Read More

Writer’s Concentration Checklist

  |   Better Writing

Everybody knows that you will write better if you concentrate on your work. But in today’s world, many of us seem to be losing the battle with interruptions. My way of solving this problem is to create a Concentration Checklist that I run through before I start to write. Here it is. People shooed away. Email alerts  »  Read More

Blogging: Advice for a new blogger

  |   Better Blogging

Will Hodges asked me if I had any advice for a new blogger. I didn’t then, but I will when this post is done. Here are some snippets of advice in no particular order. Take the time to do things right It will probably take you some time to discover what works for you. You’ll develop a distinctive voice  »  Read More

When the post fights you

  |   Better Blogging

Sometimes the post fights you Blog posts are like living things. Sometimes they do exactly what you want, but sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the blog post you planned doesn’t seem to want to jump out of your head and on to the page. It’s like the post is fighting you. Let the post have its way When the  »  Read More

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