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Writing well: Linear and Non-Linear Thinking

  |   Better Writing

Writing is systematic, structured, and linear. Imagination is not. Imagination is all about making connections between things that weren’t connected in your mind before. It’s a form of juggling, but with ideas. If you want to write a great book or great blog posts, you’ve got to use your imagination. But  »  Read More

The Story of a Book that Never Was

  |   Writing A Book

Gary wandered into my life for the first time about a decade ago. We were at a party hosted by a mutual friend. That friend told Gary that I helped people get a book written. He sought me out to talk about it. I thought it would work. Gary was a successful consultant in a niche industry. He knew a lot about the industry  »  Read More

Do you have a book in you?

  |   Writing A Book

Do you have a book inside you? That’s where it will stay unless you take action to get it out. The way to get it out is to write it. Thinking about the book is not writing it. You may feel good. It may be fun. But when you’re done, that book will still be inside. Research is not writing the book. You need to do  »  Read More

Writing Tip: You can’t rewrite if you don’t write

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For most business books, the best first step is to get it all out. Dump everything into your word processor. Dictate your book and have it transcribed. That will give you a zero draft, the one before the first draft. Once you’ve got it all out, you’ll know a couple of things. You’ll know what you’ve  »  Read More

Advice to a Friend about Writing a Book

  |   Writing A Book

Ed Batista describes himself as “an executive coach, a change management consultant, and a Leadership Coach at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.” I describe him as one of the best and most thoughtful bloggers around. I’ve enjoyed his posts, which have titles like “Hammering Screws (Bad  »  Read More

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