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Better Writing: Creativity is a Doing Discipline

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There’s a dangerous myth going around. It says some people are creative and the rest of us are not. It says creativity is a magical gift you can’t improve on. Wrong and wrong again! Human Beings Are Creative Getting good ideas is the core activity of creativity. The good news is that every human being with a brain gets  »  Read More

Ever wonder why you get good ideas in the shower?

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“Everyone who has ever taken a shower has had a good idea.” ~ Robert Tucker People smile when I quote that line from Robert Tucker. Everyone knows that if you take a shower, you will have a good idea. If you understand why, you can identify other situations where you’re likely to be creative. Showers have three  »  Read More

Better Writing: Imaginary Writing Isn’t Writing

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E. L. Doctorow did several things in his life, but he’s best known for his semi-historical novels. My favorite is Ragtime. He’s also known for advice he shared in an interview with The New York Times in 1985. Here it is. “The most important lesson I’ve learned is that planning to write is not writing. Outlining  »  Read More

Little Writing Tools that can Make a Big Difference

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A couple of years ago, the fence on one side of our back yard fell over. We hired someone to rebuild it. According to the online service we used, the worker was experienced and capable. When the work was complete, the tops of our fence posts were all slightly different. When I called the worker’s attention to it, he  »  Read More

Two Creativity Two-Steps

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The dance of creativity is a lot like a two-step. In fact, it’s like two two-steps. Understanding them can help you write a better book. And, like dancing a real two-step, it should be fun. Creativity is a lot like dancing. It’s rhythmic and it’s rewarding. Here are two forms of creativity two-step. Enjoy them  »  Read More

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