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What is Good Writing?

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Architect Louis Sullivan’s motto was: “Form follows function.” Sullivan thought that if you knew the purpose of a building, you could design it so it was easier to achieve that purpose. Probably the best example of that in history is the Bell Labs research center in Murray Hill, New Jersey. When the building opened  »  Read More

Is the Secret of Writing Better to, “Just Write?”

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Garrett sent me an email with the following question: “When I ask people who write well how I can improve my writing, they tell me to ‘Just write.’ Is that really all there is to it? What do you think?” You Must Write Writing is like swimming or riding a bike. You must do it to learn it. Reading about  »  Read More

Writing Better: Books and Resources on Copywriting

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Carlos Amador wants to know more about copywriting. Here’s the email he sent me. “Mr. Bock, I read your review of Building a Story Brand and wanted to say thank you for your review, as it steered me towards purchasing the book. Are there any other books you would recommend for someone just learning copywriting?” As I  »  Read More

Writing Better: Inspiration and Talent are Overrated

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As far as I know, no one has ever asked my friend Dan the secret to becoming a great plumber. Same thing for Alan, who’s an electrician. People know that being an electrician or being a plumber means that you must master a craft. They don’t think that there’s a “secret” of any kind. For some reason, they think  »  Read More

Better Writing: The Four Years When Hemingway Became Hemingway

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100 years ago, this month, Ernest Hemingway showed up at the Toronto Star looking for freelance work. A friend introduced him to the editors, and Hemingway’s charm and enthusiasm did the rest. His timing was good. Toronto Star founder, Joe Atkinson, was building a world-class newspaper. He wanted scoops and aggressive  »  Read More

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