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Better Writing: 4 Tips for Revising Your Work

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If you want to create great writing, you must revise. That’s never easy, but here are four tips that will help you revise better and quicker. Get the Big Stuff Right First Revising will be easier if you take care of the big things first. If you’re writing a book, big things are chapters or sections. If you’re working  »  Read More

Don’t Write like a Writer

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Elmore Leonard was one of the most successful writers of our time. He wrote Westerns and detective fiction. He wrote novels and short stories and screenplays. And he wrote his “10 Rules for Writing.” Read his tips for common sense advice about how to write stuff that people read. After he lists his 10 rules for  »  Read More

Writing Better: Analyze your successes and failures

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Laurence Olivier was one of history’s great Shakespearian actors. Hamlet was one of his signature roles. On this night, he was giving one of his greatest performances ever. When it was over, his friends rushed backstage to greet him and congratulate him. They were stunned to find Olivier sitting in a chair with tears  »  Read More

How Eating Pistachios and Walking Make Me a Better Writer

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I think of writing as “wrestling the angels of meaning onto a page.” It’s hard work, and you have to concentrate. Whether you’re writing, revising, or editing, you must pay close attention to your work. That’s what you need to do most of the time. But every writer runs into situations where he or she doesn’t  »  Read More

The Writing Edge for Business Writers: 3/22/19

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You’re a businessperson. You may not think of yourself as a writer, but you know that writing well can boost your results and your career. Naturally, you want to do better. Even though writing and storytelling and blogging and SEO aren’t your day job, you want to do them better. You need to get the most value you  »  Read More

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