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Ransom Note Desktop Publishing and Your Self-Published Book

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Here we go again. Back in the mid-1980s, PageMaker gave ordinary folks power over the appearance of their documents that they never had before. Many of them reveled in the freedom. The result was often something we called “ransom note desktop publishing.” Suddenly you started receiving those Christmas letters from  »  Read More

Picking a publisher – promises or proof?

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“What do you think of this outfit?” My client’s manuscript would be done within the month and he had reserved time with a professional business book editor. He already decided to use a POD publisher and do an ebook. A friend suggested a company to handle the publishing and promotion. That’s the “outfit”  »  Read More

In Memoriam: Dan Poynter

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Dan Poynter died of cancer on Sunday at the age of 77 after a remarkable life of contributions in many areas. His first love was parachuting. You can read about his contributions and awards and patents and all that in his Wikipedia bio. You’ll also read about his books on stem cell therapy and on how to be an expert  »  Read More

3 questions about the future of publishing

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Predicting the future of publishing It’s easy to predict the future. The hard part is getting it right. We only know two things about the future for sure. One is that it will be different from today. The other is that nobody gets the details right. Even so, thinking about how things might change can prepare you to  »  Read More

Business books are different

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The future of which books? The Economist published a thoughtful essay on the future of books and publishing. I like it because of the sensible historical perspective. I wish it had more to say about business books. Business books are different The “business” in the Economist essay is the business of publishing  »  Read More

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