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Self-Publishing means you’re the publisher

  |   Book Publishing

When you decide to self-publish, you’ve committed yourself to becoming the publisher of your book. Publishers do a lot of things. Here’s a partial list. Edit the manuscript (more than once) Design the cover Design the inside of the book Lay out the book Arrange for printing Arrange for getting the book into  »  Read More

Getting published is not the goal

  |   Book Publishing

I’ve been looking at some other writing coach’s websites this morning and I noticed that many of them treat “getting published” or “seeing your book in print” as the client’s goal. I’m sure that’s right for some people, but not for the people who choose to work with me  »  Read More

What will books look like in ten years?

  |   Book Publishing

Jim Blasingame always asks me good questions. When I was on his show last Friday, the big question was: “What’s the new definition of a book?” The short answer is “Beats me.” Let’s review what happened the last time the definition of a book changed after Gutenberg invented his press  »  Read More

Don’t rush to publish

  |   Book Publishing

A couple of weeks back, I had an Options Review Session with someone who wanted to publish a book. He’s written the 12,000 word manuscript in a week. I asked how many revisions he did. Zero. I suggested he revise a time or two or three and then get professional editing. He said that his wife was an English major and  »  Read More

Mark Schaefer’s Advice on Publishing a Book

  |   Book Publishing

McGraw-Hill has just published Mark Schaefer’s book, Return On Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence Marketing. Mark wrote an excellent blog post about the process, titled “Getting your first book published: Lessons learned!” Here’s the lead. “Do you dream  »  Read More

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