Advice from the Masters: Bill Jensen

Sep 30, 2015 | Writing A Book

Bill Jensen is passionate about making it easier for us to create our best futures. The latest of his seven books, Future Strong, draws upon his and his team’s research into the future of work. It’s a good book, but my favorite of Bill’s book is Hacking Work. Here’s his advice on how to know when it’s time to write your book.

“The world does not need more books. Due to technological advances, billions of people can now write and publish a book.

But the world will always need unique voices and captivating ideas that excite our imaginations, stir our souls, and help us solve our most wicked challenges.

When you can’t wait to wake up hours early or work into the wee hours of the night, writing, writing, writing… then write your book. When all you can think about is how to give birth to an idea that’s gestated inside of you… then write your book. When your family wishes you would just shut-the-hell up as you beta-test gazillions of ideas on them… then write your book. When every tune you hear, and show you watch, and blog you surf sparks just one more idea for your book… then write it. When you have something burning inside of you so intensely that not busting it loose would drive you insane… then write your book. When your deeply personal voice cannot be stopped or quieted or slowed… then write your book.

Can you write your book without all of the above? Of course. But please don’t. The world doesn’t need more books. What it needs is your unique and powerful and singularly beautiful voice, your own way of seeing and expressing ideas… and a book just happens to be one of the ways to get it out into the world.

What I can tell you is that, regardless of whether ten or one hundred or one hundred thousand read your book… if you write it because your soul is on fire, then writing your book will be one most enriching experiences of your life. Because you will have taken your soul, your life, your wisdom, your imagination, and paid it forward. And that is one of life’s most amazing experiences ever!”

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