Advice from the Masters: Bob Sutton

Sep 10, 2014 | Writing A Book

Full disclosure. I consider Bob Sutton a friend. I also consider him my favorite business book writer. That judgment is based on the following books, all of which I think are excellent and all of which I dip into from time to time, seeking wisdom, insight, and facts.

They’re all readable, story-strewn books about important topics and based on solid research. That’s hard to beat.

Bob has come to think of himself as a writer, based on the fact that he does so much of it and that he enjoys what I call “wrestling with the angels of meaning.” You can read all his thoughts on that in his blog post on LinkedIn: “You Are What You Do: The Writing Life and Scaling Up Excellence.” The following bit of advice is lifted from that post.

“My productivity is a direct function of how much time I spend at the keyboard MINUS the amount of time I spend poking around the web – emails, shopping, social media, reading news stories and weird articles, and all that other necessary stuff and addictive nonsense.”

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