Advice from the Masters: Ken Blanchard

Jun 15, 2016 | Writing A Book

Ken Blanchard may be the most influential business book author ever. The enduring (and recently updated) One Minute Manager has influenced the way a couple of generations of managers actually do their work. He founded a company, too. And he’s given gosh knows how many speeches.

He has a gift for memorable quotes. “Feedback is the breakfast of champions” is one of my favorites.

All told, Ken has published sixty-plus books. Readers love them because what he says is both understandable and usable. So he should know what makes a good book. An interviewer for Fast Company asked Ken “What makes a good business book stand out from all the others?” Here’s his answer.

“A good business book teaches simple truths. People don’t have time to figure out complicated approaches to dealing in this rapid-fire world. They want to know: ‘What is the 20% that’s going to give me 80 percent?'”

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