Self-Publishing and Competition

Nov 12, 2012 | Writing A Book

The Self-Publishing Revolution made it easy for people to create books of all kinds. You can do a traditional paper book or a full-length e-book or a shorter e-version or anything else you can imagine. You can create a book to build your reputation and your business. So can everyone else.

The Self-Publishing Revolution means more competition. When things get easy, lots of people do them.

Compete by choosing a great topic for your book. Make it something you’re passionate enough about to live with for a decade or more. Make it something that helps people solve a problem and make some progress.

Compete by writing the best book you can. Add value with original research. Use stories and examples. Support your points with data.

Compete by producing a book worthy of its content. Use readers to help you hone your material. Engage a professional editor.

Compete by promoting your book well. Books do not promote themselves, no matter how good they are.

The Self-Publishing Revolution means that you must work harder to stand out from the crowd.