Why people read business books

Jul 10, 2014 | Writing A Book

People read business books to make progress

People read business books so that they can do something better when they’re done reading. The test of a business book is how well it helps readers make significant progress.

People don’t read business books for the style or the reading experience. The writing just needs to be effective and stay out of the way.

Progress is not generic.

Progress is specific. A person will buy your book if it promises to make something better for them. They will read more than the first chapter if they think your book delivers on that promise. They will tell their friends and co-workers about your book and you if your book actually delivers on that promise.

Four questions about progress

Ask these four questions to analyze what kind of progress your book will help the reader make.

  • How will it help them change a currently bad situation?
  • How will their new situation be better?
  • How will you help them make the change easy?
  • How will you help them make the change safe?


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