Your Book: Three Ways to Write a Book

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Most of my clients are like Rod or Susan or Stephen. They want to write a book that will have a significant impact on their business and their life. And they embrace the idea that writing a book can be one of the greatest learning and growing process there is. They’re willing to take a year or more to create a great book.

Not everyone has that goal or wants to take that long. If that’s you, there are two ways you can have a book in a much shorter time, with less cost in money and involvement.

If you want a book that will answer common questions, explain a process, or make some basic points, you can use a faster process. There won’t be any learning here, but you can go from concept to completion in a few months.

If you have blog posts, customer case studies, articles, or speeches, you can collect them into a book. You’ll have to do some editing and add some “connective tissue,” but you can complete the manuscript in a month or two.

Neither quick method will give you the kind of learning and growth that the slower process provides. But either one can give your business or career a boost.

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Dale   |   31 Oct 2014   |   Reply

Love it! Simplistic but to the point! Related to the growth process for self and for a completed book with number one, but also seen people obtain success for just doing it and getting it out there relative to utilizing past blog posts, articles, etc. As far as the learning, it is relative to what was learned during each process, and what it takes to bridge the gap from how you learned to a wider audience. Today, someone can get ahead of their learning with good eBook options ( but, you can produce fast with no guarantee of success). An example may be smashword that takes a product and produces it on many platforms — trick is no matter how many platforms bad or accepted is 2 different things.Nonetheless, you can learn and grow — best with a mentor who has been there I think vs trial and error even with technology for speed on our side.