Your Book: Three Ways to Write a Book

Mar 20, 2013 | Writing A Book

Most of my clients are like Rod or Susan or Stephen. They want to write a book that will have a significant impact on their business and their life. And they embrace the idea that writing a book can be one of the greatest learning and growing process there is. They’re willing to take a year or more to create a great book.

Not everyone has that goal or wants to take that long. If that’s you, there are two ways you can have a book in a much shorter time, with less cost in money and involvement.

If you want a book that will answer common questions, explain a process, or make some basic points, you can use a faster process. There won’t be any learning here, but you can go from concept to completion in a few months.

If you have blog posts, customer case studies, articles, or speeches, you can collect them into a book. You’ll have to do some editing and add some “connective tissue,” but you can complete the manuscript in a month or two.

Neither quick method will give you the kind of learning and growth that the slower process provides. But either one can give your business or career a boost.