Advice from the Masters: Thomas Berger

Apr 18, 2012 | Better Writing

Thomas Berger has written novels, stories, and plays in his career, but he’s not what you’d call “super-famous.” Most people are more likely to recognize the name of one of his works, like, Little Big Man, than they are the name of the author. Still, all that experience makes the man a master in my eyes. Here’s a quote from Thomas Berger to get your thinking started.

“Why do writers write? Because it isn’t there.”

That’s why many business writers write. They spot a hole in the market or they can’t find a book that puts things exactly the way they would, so they write it themselves. Jeff Senne and I did that with CyberPower for Business in the early days of the internet. My client, Susan Finerty, did that with her recent book, Master the Matrix.

Pick a subject you’re passionate about. If there isn’t a book that says everything the way you would, it’s a book that isn’t there. Maybe you should write it.

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