Better Writing: The Four Years When Hemingway Became Hemingway

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100 years ago, this month, Ernest Hemingway showed up at the Toronto Star looking for freelance work. A friend introduced him to the editors, and Hemingway’s charm and enthusiasm did the rest. His timing was good...

Writing a Book: Four Ways to Write Like Hemingway

  |   Writing A Book

You probably won’t win the Nobel Prize. You may not even have a bestseller. But you can do four things the way Papa Hemingway did them. Keep It Simple Ernest Hemingway wrote clear, simple prose. The sentences were...

Hemingway would have been a great blogger

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Ernest Hemingway is best known for his novels and short stories, but he started out as a journalist. Right out of high school he signed on as a cub reporter with the Kansas City Star. Later he did a lot of work for the...

Advice from the Masters: Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway is my main writing hero. So I was surprised last weekend when I realized that I’ve never featured any of his wisdom among the Advice from the Masters. He’s quoted all over this site and one...

Authors: 5 Benefits of Walking

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Authors: 5 Benefits of Walking thumbnail

Quick! What do Charles Dickens, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Albert Einstein have in common? They all loved to walk. So did Claude Monet, Ernest Hemingway, Soren Kierkegaard, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Marie Curie...

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