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Rules to Write By

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Most of my clients have never written a book when they come to me for the first time Part of my job as a coach is to help them master the basics of the book-writing process. Over the years I developed the following rules as easy ways to remember and talk about good book-writing practice. The Dabo Swinney Rule When  »  Read More

What’s in your barrel?

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My father was a Lutheran pastor and his “barrel” was the collection of sermons he’d already preached. He pulled things out of the barrel to make its new sermons better. If you’re a blogger, you’ve got posts in your barrel. Your challenge is to use them to make your new posts better. This isn’t re-posting  »  Read More

5 Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts

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Jeremy isn’t interested in writing a book. He wants to write better blog posts. That’s what he told me in his email. With another quick exchange, I established that he writes a weekly blog where he shares his expertise. He doesn’t have an editor. If that’s your situation, read on. You’ll learn  »  Read More

My Blogging Process

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Scott is starting a blog. He wrote me for advice. “I know you’ve been blogging for a long time, and you’ve done more than 1,000 posts. You also coach other people on improving their blog. I want to start strong. What’s the best process to produce quality posts regularly?” There is no best  »  Read More

Better blogging: 6 Ways to write better blog posts

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Make your blog posts as good as they can be “Ok, smart guy,” I hear you mutter, “Now tell me how.” There are two ways to come at this problem. The first one is to pick content that make great blog posts. The best post I’ve seen on that is Jesse Lyn Stoner’s post: “How to Write a Blog People Want to  »  Read More

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