Blog Posts: Answer the Question!

Mar 18, 2013 | Better Blogging

If you’re known as a master of your content, people ask you questions all the time. And those questions can be the source for great blog posts and more.

If one person has a question, so do others. So when you answer the question in your blog, the post is automatically interesting to a lot of people.

Answer posts are easy to write. You probably answer the same questions over and over, so you’ve got the answers ready.

Answer posts can help you learn. Every answer, like every question, is a little bit different. You may discover new ways to state your ideas when you write an answer post.

Answers can turn into a book. Most of the time, you should re-write your blog posts, or edit them extensively to turn them into a book. But you can collect your answers to questions and turn them into a book or ebook with very little editing.

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