Blogs I Like: Gwyn Teatro’s You’re Not the Boss of Me

Jan 13, 2012 | Better Blogging

You can learn a lot from a good example. That’s why every week I highlight one great business blog. This week, it’s Gwyn Teatro’s You’re Not the Boss of Me. I read this blog regularly because Gwyn Teatro gets two things right consistently. One is that while a lot of leadership is simple, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. The other is that the people struggling to do a good job as leaders are fallible human beings.

As she says, she comes by her views honestly. She spent thirty-five years in a large organizations leading and being led and experiencing leaders of all kinds. If you are a leader, you will get a unique, helpful perspective on what you do when you read this blog. If aren’t a leader, but you have one in your life, you will understand him or her better if you read this blog.

Here are some representative posts from the last year or so. Read them with an eye toward what you can learn from Gwyn’s example.

In some ways, Gwyn made my job easy by selecting some of her favorite posts from 2011. You’ll find brief descriptions and links to those posts in “Looking Back…A Year in Review.” But I’m not satisfied with Gwyn’s picks. Here are three more posts from amongst my favorites that were not on Gwyn’s list.

Choosing to Lead and Two Simple Truths

How to Make Performance Appraisals Unnecessary

Getting at the Heart of Leadership

Read, enjoy, and learn.

Was that helpful? If it was you may want to check the complete list of blogs I’ve reviewed.

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