When the post fights you

Jun 24, 2014 | Better Blogging

Sometimes the post fights you

Blog posts are like living things. Sometimes they do exactly what you want, but sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the blog post you planned doesn’t seem to want to jump out of your head and on to the page. It’s like the post is fighting you.

Let the post have its way

When the post fights you, let it have its way. Don’t keep trying to make the post do something it doesn’t want to do. Let the post win.

Sometimes the post knows it isn’t ready

Sometimes, it’s like the post is jumping up and down and yelling, “No! Don’t send me out there! I’m not ready!” When that happens, don’t hit the publish button. Put the post away, or at least leave it alone for a while. Then go back to it and see if you can fix things.

Sometimes the post wants to go in another direction

This one happens to me all the time. I start writing a post, but it just doesn’t work the way I expected. It’s like the post wants to go in a different direction. When I go where the post wants to go, things seem to work out better.

Sometimes a post will fight you. When it does, let the post win.