Writing a Book: Carving out time to write

Apr 3, 2014 | Better Writing

You’ve decided to write your book. You’ve decided when to start. Now you have to carve out the time to write.

Why “finding time to write” usually doesn’t work

You’ve got a busy life with lots of commitments. It’s unreasonable to think that writing time will magically appear. You need to carve out the time as part of your planning process.

Go for chunks of writing time

There are people who write their books in little snippets of time, no more than a few moments each. They’re the exception. They usually use the snippet method because they have to.

Carve out an hour or an hour and a half. Lots of research on attention spans and ultradian rhythms and the experience of a ton of writers tell us that this is the block of time most likely to produce the best work.

Use your writing time to write

Do your research and planning before it’s time to write. Have your tools and materials ready to go. Then when it’s time to write, close the door, put your hands on the keys, and write. Nothing else.

Plan your writing time a week ahead

Carving out writing time as part of weekly planning seems to work for most people. Put your writing time on your calendar, like any important appointment.

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