Three Kinds of Information Products

Apr 23, 2012 | Profit

An information product is the package where you put your information. You sell some products, like books. You give others, like blog posts, away. I think there are three kinds of products that should make up your portfolio that support each other and your business.

Core products, like books or speeches or audio, are the heart of your portfolio. Core products should stand on their own and deliver unique value. They should also point to each other. Your book should mention your speech where you can also mention your audio product.

Supplementary products add value to core products, but have little or no value without them. A good example is the workbook you develop to help readers get the most from your book. Some supplementary products, like workbooks, should be specific to a single core product. Others, like pocket reminder cards, may support several products.

Promotional products don’t generate revenue directly, but allow you to demonstrate your unique expertise. They can also point to your core products. Blog posts are the most common promotional products. Others are free webinars and autoresponder courses that whet a prospect’s appetite for what you have to sell.