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How to Write a Book that Will Make Money

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According to Jane Friedman’s Electric Speed newsletter, 90 percent of books didn’t sell more than 5,000 copies during 2020. She says that’s true of most years, not just 2020. Sure, making those bestseller lists seems like a worthy goal. But there are lots of books, like those written by several of my clients, that  »  Read More

Authors: How to make money beyond book sales

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Hardly anyone makes money from book sales. That’s true, but if that were all there was to the story, hardly anyone would write books. There’s good news, though. There are tons of ways for you to make money from your book besides selling it. I’ve divided them into four basic ways. Increase Fees and Engagements A good  »  Read More

Make your table of contents a selling tool.

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Most people who write books want to sell at least a few of them. That’s where your table of contents can help. Here’s why. People use the table of contents to help decide what book to buy Here’s how most people go about buying a book. They usually start with either a recommendation or a search. Whether  »  Read More

Making Money from A Book: Six Thoughts about Business Book Covers

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No matter what you’ve heard, people judge a book by its cover. When a potential reader sees the cover of your book, he or she decides whether to find out more about your boot. It doesn’t matter if your cover design costs $100 or $1,000. It also doesn’t matter if the cover design has won awards, or if your aunt Susie  »  Read More

Book Promotion: 3 Phases for Success

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Once upon a time, long, long ago, in the very galaxy we inhabit, books went out of print. Those times might as well be ancient history. If you publish a book today, it’s likely to be available for years. Promote your book as long as it’s available. Here are the three phases of eternal book promotion. Boom When your  »  Read More

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