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The Curation 3 Step

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Every Sunday at 3 PM, US Eastern time I publish “Leadership Reading to Start Your Week.” Every Friday I publish my “Writing Edge” selections. They’re two of the curation posts I do every week for myself and for clients. A curated post gives you a way to deliver high quality content to your  »  Read More

Blogging: 5 steps to using research well

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Belle Beth Cooper writes about social media, startups, lifehacking, and science on the Buffer blog. She recently wrote an outstanding post titled: “How We Research: A Look Inside the Buffer Blog Process.” Here’s part of the opening. “I rely heavily on scientific research to back up my points, so  »  Read More

3 things I want in an infographic

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I get emails every week offering me an infographic that the sender “thinks my readers will love.” I haven’t used one yet. There are three tests an infogaphic must pass before I use it on any blog where I post. The infographic must fit the blog This is where most solicitations fail. My Three Star  »  Read More

Blogging: Writing for people and SEO

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Mickie E. Kennedy’s post at Blogging Pro has a great title, “Forget What Google Thinks and Write for Actual Humans.” Here’s the golden kernel. “The problem is, search engines don’t say “hmmm….” after they’ve read an especially thoughtful opinion piece. They don’t brush a tear from  »  Read More

Farewell to “You’re Not the Boss of Me”

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I knew it would happen. When Gwen Teatro said that she would be taking a break from writing new posts at “You’re Not the Boss of Me,” I knew that meant that she was on the doorstep of stopping altogether. She began revising old posts and sharing them with us, one per week. I read each one and I began to  »  Read More

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