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Writing a Book: The Big Challenge for Business Authors

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Times Have Changed There was a time when simply being an author was enough to give you an advantage if you were a speaker, trainer, consultant, or just a business person who wanted to be known as a “thought leader.” That was when it was relatively hard to get published. Just about all the business books were published  »  Read More

Buying Books: 3 Ways to Get the Most from Amazon Reviews

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Amazon is usually the second stop on my book-buying journey. First, I get pointed toward a book by trusted source. Then, I click over to Amazon to see what the reviewers have to say. Amazon reviews are incredibly helpful in finding books that it’s worth my time to read. According to my research, that’s true for most  »  Read More

Advice from the Masters: Ludmilla Jordanova

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Ludmilla Jordanova is Professor of Visual Culture in the Department of History at Durham University in England. I found this wonderful observation of her’s in Helen Sword’s great book, Air & Light & Time & Space. “I see writing as an artisanal activity, like being a potter or a woodworker. The craft  »  Read More

Writing a Book: The Forest and the Trees

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According to common wisdom, you’ll get in trouble if you “can’t see the forest for the trees.” That might be good advice for most of life, but when you write a book you must pay attention to the forest and the trees and also the bark, the leaves, and the branches. The Forest When you’re writing a book, the forest  »  Read More

Capture important stories

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I don’t know how it is with your family, but when my family gets together we start telling stories. It might be the story of that uncle’s time with the jazz band, or a grandfather’s tiger hunt, or that time when my mother gave away my dad’s only sweater to a hobo. They don’t interest anyone but us, but we love  »  Read More

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