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Don’t Overplan Your Book

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When I was in school, the outline was king. Some teachers even had us submit outlines for review before we started to write a paper. That was appropriate and effective for college English. But after more than half a century as a professional writer, I think there’s a better way to write a book. Authors like Peter Drucker  »  Read More

Dirty Little Secrets of Creativity and Your Book

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Some things are predictable. Say I’m at a gathering with several people we don’t know. If they find out that I write for a living, someone is sure to ask me: “Do you think it’s true that everyone has a book inside them?” I know that question usually means, “I think I might like to write a book. Do you think  »  Read More

A Good Idea is Not Enough

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You’re all excited. You’ve got a great idea you’re sure will make a great book. OK so far. But what must happen for that great book to appear? Sharpen Your Idea Your idea isn’t new. As Mike LeBeouf said: “The great ideas are too important to be new.” So, evaluate what you’ve got. See what others have said  »  Read More

Writing a Book: So you want to write a best seller

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“Can you help me write a bestseller?” Some people ask me that question during the first conversation we have about working together. Here’s my answer: “I can help you write a great book, but I can’t guarantee a bestseller.” Writing a great book is a noble goal. A great book helps readers  »  Read More

Writing a Book: It’s Not That Easy

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What does it take to write a book? Many of the people who contact me for the first time believe that it’s just a matter of, “Sitting down and writing the darn thing.” They think it should take a weekend, maybe two weeks at most. They don’t understand why I tell them it will probably take a year or  »  Read More

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