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How a Business Book is Different from Other Books and What that Means for You, the Author

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For years, I’ve been asking business leaders what they read. The range is stunning. Most of They read business books, but that’s not all. They read fiction and history books and biographies and memoirs. They read a lot about their hobbies or passions. Business book readers want specific things. They’re  »  Read More

Why and How to Hire a Ghostwriter

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If you engage the right ghostwriter, you’ll write a better business book faster. Of course, I’m biased. I’ve been a ghostwriter for about 20 years now. Here are some things you consider if you’re thinking about engaging a ghostwriter. Three Reasons to Engage A Ghostwriter Most people think that  »  Read More

Different Kinds of Editing and Different Kinds of Editors

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Here’s part of George’s email: “I’m confused. I’m done writing my book and I know I need a professional editor. But what kind? What’s the difference between a developmental editor, a content editor, a copy editor, and a proofreader? Help!” When I was cutting my teeth as a young  »  Read More

Can you really write a book in a week?

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Tweets and ads promise that you will be able to write your business book in a week or even a weekend. Is that possible? The short answer is, “Yes.” The long answer is a little more complicated. The long answer requires you to consider the answers to three questions. The most important one is the first one. Can  »  Read More

Now That You’re Stuck at Home Are You Working on Your Book?

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For many people, the excuse for not getting their book done was that they just didn’t have time. Then came the coronavirus, lockdowns, quarantines, and working from home. Many people thought it would be the perfect time to finally write that book. Here are three reasons why precious few have written much. Less Free  »  Read More

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