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Surprises from Writing a Professional Book by Terry Moore

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More than a decade ago my best friend suggested that we write a book. We had two problems. We shared many interests, but we didn’t share much expertise and we couldn’t clearly identify the potential readers. We decided not to go ahead. The idea of a book continued to tug at my interest. Over the last generation I have  »  Read More

Master the Mundane

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It’s great to be an author. If you’re an author, you’ve written a book. Thousands, maybe millions of people want to write a book. Only a few do. Here’s the dirty little secret of becoming an author. If you can read a book, you can probably write a book. You don’t need great writing talent or the biggest brain in  »  Read More

Writing a Book: When it’s time to write, throw all your mental energy into the task

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If you’re a part-time author, you’ve got a lot of things on your plate. You’ve got your day job, of course. Then there are family obligations, what you do for recreation, and any volunteer work you do. Writing time is scarce. You must make the best of it. The only way to do that is to throw all your mental energy  »  Read More

Writing a Book: How to Beat Outline Block

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Most of us learned to write for the first time in elementary school. That’s why so many of us are outline-dependent. We imagine an English teacher at the front of the room waiting for us to hand in our outline before we can write. I try to get most of my clients who are planning a book to use something other than an  »  Read More

Why you should do a book proposal, even if you self-publish

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There are plenty of good reasons to self-publish your business book. Since you’re the “self” in self-publishing, you get the final decision on every aspect of the final product. Self-publishing is faster to market, too. You avoid the lengthy process of writing a book proposal and selling it to an agent. You  »  Read More

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