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Dec 16, 2011 | Better Blogging

Steve Roesler is one of those very smart guys who doesn’t have to tell you how smart he is. In both his work and his programs Steve shares practical knowledge about questions you didn’t realize you needed to ask. All his learning and experience is out of sight, but ready if it’s needed.

You’ll learn a lot from this guy. After all who else do you know who’s been an Army Drill Instructor, worked at some of those very big firms that Fortune likes to list and is an expert in human development and learning. It’s all there in his blog, All Things Workplace.  I read this blog for the question Steve inspires me to ask myself.

Here are some representative posts from the last year or so.

5 Tips Leaders Can Use Today

How Do You Really Help People Develop?

Is Everyone Coachable?

Managers: Avoid Comparing People

The Truth About Negative Feedback

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