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Mar 2, 2012 | Better Blogging

You can learn a lot from a good example. That’s why every week I highlight one great business blog. This week, it’s Harold Jarche’s blog.

Dee Hock said that “Life is eternal, perpetual becoming or it is nothing.” That’s also a pretty good description of Harold Jarche’s blog: “eternal, perpetual, becoming.” He even calls his blog, “Life in Perpetual Beta.”

Many bloggers share their opinions and experience. Others share what they know. Harold Jarche shares the perpetual becoming of his thinking about personal knowledge management and the evolving world of work.

This is a blog with lots of summaries of things other people have said and lots of pointers to resources. For some good examples, visit Harold’s “Key Posts” page and explore some of the posts listed there. Many of the posts provide excellent examples of how to illustrate abstract concepts.

To get an idea of how that “becoming” works and what it means to be “in perpetual beta” you have to look at several posts on the same general topic. I’ve selected four for you to illustrate that idea. Here are four posts on “learning in the workplace” (that’s my term, not Harold’s). The posts are listed in chronological order, with the date of each post in parenthesis after the title.

Training Departments will Shrink [July 2011]

Informal learning is a business imperative [September 2011]

Informal learning, the 95% solution [January 2012]

When learning is the work … [February 2012]

Read, enjoy, and learn.

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