Blogs I Like: Recognize this! with Derek Irvine

Feb 24, 2012 | Better Blogging

You can learn a lot from a good example. That’s why every week I highlight one great business blog. This week, it’s Recognize this! with Derek Irvine.

If you think you recognize Derek’s name, but you don’t connect him with this blog, that’s understandable. Derek is Vice President, Client Strategy & Consulting Services, at Globoforce, where there is a blog. He also writes regularly for Compensation Café and many of his posts are picked up in other places, such as TLNT.

But we’ll concentrate on this blog that’s all Derek, all the time. The name of the blog is unique. It’s like Derek is asking you to recognize things along with him. And it’s a subtle reminder that the man is a recognition consultant.

The design is distinctive with bright yellow and big buttons. You won’t mistake this for any other blog.

Derek also does something that many good bloggers do: he puts the kernel of the message into a sentence and shares it with you. Unlike many other bloggers, though, Derek does this at the top of a post in a little bolded bit of type that leads with “Recognize this!” that lets a reader know the main point of every post at a glance.

The design and presentation are well done, but that wouldn’t be worth anything if the content wasn’t strong. As you read the representative posts below, pay attention to how the “Recognize this!” feature gives you a sense of the post. Then read the content. Sources are referenced and there are pointers to other resources. The writing is crisp.

HR Lessons I Learned from GE Super Bowl Ads

What Scrapping the Annual Performance Review Looks Like in Practice

Compensation Is Transactional. Recognition Is Relational.

Company Culture = Core Values in Action

Why Should I Thank Them for Doing Their Job?

Read, enjoy, and learn.

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