Blogs I Like: Tanveer Naseer

Apr 27, 2012 | Better Blogging

You can learn a lot from a good example. That’s why every week I highlight one great business blog. This week, it’s Tanveer Naseer’s blog.

If you want a great looking blog, there’s plenty of help available. There are templates you can purchase and clip art you can use. There are designers who stand ready to meet your desires.

Even so, you may have said to yourself, “I’d like a design that’s unique.” Tanveer Naseer’s blog design is unique, but it’s a lot more. First of all, it’s a good blog. Otherwise design wouldn’t matter much.

No one keeps reading a blog because the design is good. The design will impress you, but the content will keep you coming back. This isn’t just another pretty blog. You’ll come back for the content, but the design of Tanveer’s blog is exceptional.

The design is functional because blog has all the things you expect. There’s a search engine and categories that are just a click away. The design works and doesn’t get in the way.

The design is personal because it highlights things that are important to Tanveer. Look at the background. There are pictures of his children. I’m guessing he likes coffee and probably uses lots of Post-It Notes, since both are pictured on the page. He probably uses a smartphone, too, and checks his own site with it. Pretty neat.

Now scroll down. Look at how the sidebar is done. Scroll all the way down and you find a simple “About Me” that’s done in handwriting. And there’s my favorite graphic element: artwork by Tanveer’s children.

This is design that works on several levels. Technically it helps you use the blog and find the information that’s there. But it goes beyond that to give you a sense of who the author is and what’s important to him.

Check it out, enjoy, and learn.

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